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2023 Latest Thunder X2™ Foldable Dual Motor Off Road Electric Scooter 2400W

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2023 Latest Thunder X2™ Foldable Dual Motor Off Road Electric Scooter 2400W


thunder x2 electric scooter with seat

Thunder X2 is a performance dual motor off-road electric scooter featuring dual motors, high speed, and long range.

Be ready to experience the ultimate thrill ride with untamed dual motors. The two motors produce a maximum power output of 2400W (1200W *2) and will push the scooter to an enviable top speed of 60KM/H (speed is restricted to 25kmh) that is capable of catching up with vehicles. To tame this exhilarating speed, the scooter comes with a single-dual motor switch, which allows the rider to toggle between different speed modes. It has a weight load capacity of 150 kg.  

The dual motors are engineered for Queensland road conditions, allowing the scooter to climb big slopes up to 45°. That means you will never have to come off and push your scooter uphill when you meet big inclines. The scooter is powered by a massive 48V 20ah lithium-ion battery, which allows it to travel up to 60km on a single charge.

Capping off this electric scooter’s functionality and style is comfort. The suspension on both wheels and the 10-inch knobby tires provide a smooth ride on all terrains.

The Thunder X2 features advanced headlights- the most luxurious light solution available. It also has brake lights, turn indicators, and side lights for increased safety and visibility at night.

Most e-scooters are not water-proof while the Thunder X2 is designed for daily commuting and can handle rain with a superior IP65 water-resistant level! Never let the weather stop you from normal life arrangements.

1200W x2 Dual Motors - The dual motors can provide a peak power output of 2400W, which is powered by dual speed controllers that maintain optimal performance at all times, enabling you to easily tackle all terrains.
55-60KMH Ultimate Speed - The powerful combined torque from 2 motors can quickly reach maximum speed, even with a 120kg load.

45-Degree Incredible Climbing Ability - Powered by dual motors, it can climb up to 45-degree slopes and tackle challenging roads easily. No single-motor scooters are competent to deal with such big slopes.

Front and Rear Shock Absorption - Front and rear suspension absorb bumps and provide a safer ride, and you will enjoy a smooth ride on rough roads.

Branded 10-Inch Off-Road Tire - Thunder X2 is upgraded with branded 255/80 off-road knobby tires, for enhanced grip and handling.

IP65 Water-Proof - Most commuter scooters are IP54"water-splash" only and you cannot ride them in the rain. Thunder X2 off-road scooter has IP65 waterproof level for the battery, motor, display, and the whole chassis.

Up-market Light solutions - Thunder X2 features the latest eagle-eye headlights for up to 30 meters of visibility in the dark, plus indicators and a tail light for increased visibility to traffic around you.

Fast-folding Latch - A fast and convenient locking clamp makes folding and unfolding easy. The stem can be folded in seconds. This beast is as lightweight as around 22kg and can be easily taken onto a train, or put into your car boot.

Assured Build Quality - With exclusive Australian design for Australians, we offer a 1-year warranty on major components. It means that all the labor cost and material cost is 100% borne by us during the warranty.

2400W max. power output (1200W *2 Dual Motors)
60 km/h max. speed
60km max. range
45° climbing ability
quadruple front suspensions
150KG weight load capacity
10-inch knobby off-road tires
fast folding latch
dual eagle-eye headlights + indicators
dual disc brakes + dual E-ABS
energy recovery system
IP65 high water-resistance

Limited Time Bonus:
Upgrade to 10-inch off-road tire (Free, RRP $80 upgrade separately)
Emergency phone charging port (Free, RRP $75 install separately)
Install turning indicators (FREE install upon request) ($65 install separately)

✅1-year warranty on the motor, battery, brake system and frame

Welcome to do a test ride in Brisbane; or dispatch from Coopers Plains Warehouse. AfterPay and Zippay are available for both online and in-store pickup. 
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For online orders, it's required to contact us first to confirm your delivery address and buyer's identity before we work on your parcel. 


Model:  Thunder X2
Weight:   22kg
Braking:  Front and Rear Disc Brakes
Suspension: Front Oily Air Suspension + Dual Rear Suspension
Max. Spinning Speed:  Around 55-60km/h
Max. Distance:  50-60km (dual mode 25-30km)
Riding Modes: 3 Speed Modes
Drive:  DUAL MOTORS- Drive
Max Weight Load: 150KG
Rated Motor Power:  800W * 2
Max. Motor Power:  1200W * 2 (2400W)
Battery:  upgrade 20.8AH Lithium Battery 
Voltage:  48V
Charge Time:  6-7H
Wheels:  255/80 Off-road Tire (with Tube)
Light:  Front Ultra-bright Light Assembly (low and high beam) + Side Light + Tail Light + Indicators
Frame:  carbon steel and forged alloy
Unfolding Size:  118*54*117cm
Folding Size: 115*20*30cm

The electric scooters sold by AE Sports are all entertainment tools and cannot be used as vehicle. Customers are fully responsible for their usage.  

Reminder: Top speed and maximum range are an indicator for reference. It will be affected by your weight, road conditions, and gradient accordingly. 
Kind reminder: Riders should wear helmets when riding any electric scooters. Safety First.

Customers are advised to refer to the Warranty Policy and Refund Policy when purchasing a product.
Welcome to do a test ride in Brisbane; or dispatch from Coopers Plains Warehouse.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
A Campoy Silva
nice scooter

I have 3 different scooters. Thunder x2 is the lightest dual-motor model among them. Great scooter, pick up speed quickly and climb hills easily. The build quality is great and the design is good. The suspension makes it a pleasure to ride. The scooter can be folded with the seat. Good for me (40 years old). . If you compare this scooter to others on the market, it really is a bargain.

Christ J.
good form of transportation

I own this scooter for 6 months. Very satisfied with it. I drive it to work every day. Sometimes I need to drive 16 miles to a job in one way. Battery holds good.
It is very powerful scooter specially when turn on dual motors. I really likes it.

Darren S.
great machine

I've got 2. One for my wife (turbo ultra), one for me (thunder x2). I highly recommend this dual motr scooter. I live 5km from my work and this thing zips me there and back smoothly. This beast impressed me with the build quality, speed and power. I'm 115kg and I can goes up steep hills with ease. Its definitely worth it. That's what a real scooter should be like. Also its fun! +5 stars to customer service.

good build quality

I bought it for my cousin Good tires and build quality. It has a very long range per full charge. Good scooter.

Reliable build quality

Purchased this last weekend. It's an amazing scooter for commutes and entertainment. Super happy with this scooter which makes for a fun and fast commute to and from work.

IP65 Water-Proofing

Scooters boast IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring you can glide through puddles and rain without worry. Experience the freedom of all-weather riding.

Longest 3 Year Warranty

We offer a 3-year warranty on the chasis of TURBO scooter series. With this guarantee, you're investing in durability for countless journeys ahead.

Up To 200KG Weight Load

Turbo Scooters are engineered to support a maximum weight load of up to 200KG, supported by 3 year warranty. Experience the blend of power and stability.

Best Value Guarantee

Our products offer a balance between quality and price, making sure you will get a favorable deal in terms of both cost and feature.