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2023 Updated Electric Scooter Laws in NSW

2023 Updated Electric Scooter Laws in NSW

In 2023, the laws and regulations for electric scooters in New South Wales, Australia have continued from the new policies implemented in 2022. The details are as follows:

From July 2022, the state of New South Wales (NSW) has initiated a trial for electric scooter shared schemes, allowing riders in select locations to hire and use electric scooters (e-scooters). This article aims to provide an overview of the trial, including important guidelines for riders and crucial safety measures to ensure a smooth experience for all participants. 


Trial Overview:

The electric scooter shared scheme trial in NSW is set to last for 12 months and is being closely monitored and evaluated by Transport for NSW. It is important to note that personal e-scooters remain illegal on NSW roads and road-related areas, such as footpaths, shared paths, and bicycle lanes. They can only be used on private property. Within the trial areas, riders can only utilize shared e-scooters rented through approved e-scooter providers.


Safety Guidelines:

To enhance safety during the trial, the following guidelines have been established for e-scooter riders:

Helmet Requirement: Riders must wear an approved bicycle helmet at all times while operating an e-scooter.

Use Lights in Low-Light Conditions: E-scooter lights should be used when riding during darkness or hazardous weather conditions to improve visibility.

Sobriety: A blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit of 0.05 applies to e-scooter riders. It is essential to avoid riding under the influence of alcohol. The same drug driving offences that apply to motor vehicle drivers also apply to e-scooter riders.

Penalties: Serious penalties and consequences for a driver's license can be incurred if caught riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Visibility: Wear brightly colored clothing to ensure easy visibility by other road users.

Riding Behavior: Ride predictably and indicate your intentions clearly to make other people aware of your movements.


Fines for E-scooter offences

Offence Fine
Riding a privately owned e-scooter on road or related area Penalties may apply for being an unregistered, uninsured and unlicensed motor vehicle
Riding an e-scooter hired through a share scheme outside trial area $120
Riding on road with speed limit over 50 km/h $120
Riding on footpath $120
Riding an e-scooter not in single file on roads $120
Riding e-scooter whilst under minimum age of 16 years $120
Exceed maximum operating speed limit of 20km/h $120
Carry passengers $120
Riding whilst under the influence of alcohol The same penalties that apply to motorists apply to e-scooter riders during the trial. Find drink driving penalties on the NSW Government website.
Riding whilst under the influence of a drug (other than alcohol) The same penalties that apply to motorists apply to e-scooter riders during the trial. Find drug driving penalties on the NSW Government website.
Use mobile phone whilst riding $362
Fail to wear helmet $362
Ride at night without appropriate lights and reflector $120


By adhering to these guidelines and regulations, e-scooter riders can make the most of the shared scheme trial in NSW while ensuring their safety and the safety of others on the road. 



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